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Enjoying your writing, Gianni. Glad you and your family mended. 🙂 I had read a post by a mathematician that ultimately everyone would get their visit from covid. We had our skirmish with omicron, stayed home, used hydroxychloroquine, and it moved on after about a week. I think covid is tired of fighting. Thanks for your post.

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Sorry to hear this, I missed this post! Hope you are all doing well!

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glad you're ok now, Gianni. love to yr well-being.

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Im not getting corona, no way. There's no way I left california, the international covid hotbed, to come to japan to get that virus. getting my 2nd vax in 6 days. and after that, im still masking up and being anal about washing my hands and not touching my eyes nose or mouth.

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Hi Gianni- sorry to hear that you had to go through this! Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been living in fear of getting it, and also having to take my wife to the hospital for an episode of her Crohn’s disease. Our healthcare system barely works under the best of circumstances, so during a pandemic it’s something I have been dreading, but fortunately we have both been ok.

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Hi Gianni. I am sorry to hear of your ordeal and hope you and your family are on the other side of it. Thanks for sending me your post. As usual, it's well written and enjoyable to read despite the worrying subject matter. All the best for your family's recovery. Greetings from Sydney where we are in lockdown (but restrictions easing). We live in interesting times ...


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Ugh! What an ordeal!

I feel bad that this is first time to say "Hey!" since we corresponded two... or was it three? years ago. I didn't have time to read to the end but love the poetry and take comfort in knowing someone else wonders why they can't put the tangled web of ugly cables underground! But back to COVID good gosh it's nice knowing you and yours didn't fare any worse. Some of my family members here (wife's family) and in California have had it. My immediate family back in California are all anti-vax so I was more worried for them. Me and all of my family here (older sons, wife, in-laws) are now fully vaccinated. So far so healthy, but nothing to mess around with for sure. Interesting read to say the least, mushy meals and all! Again, sure nice seeing you're on the mend. All the best.

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I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better, Gianni. Have there been any lingering after-effects?

Is Japan's vaccine roll-out still slow? Helen and I have both been double-vaxxed, although we understand that its efficacy starts to wane eventually and we'll need a booster shot after about three months to combat Delta. Our 14-year-old gets her first shot tomorrow. Our 11yo son still isn't eligible for a vaccine, which is frustrating.

Take care of yourselves.


Dann (stuck in lockdown in Sydney, Australia)

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Hi Gianni, My husband had dementia before COVID-19 was around, but we were managing. After we had to stay at home, no one could visit, and we could no longer get out. He deteriorated dramatically. Finally, he became unmanageable and had to be in a memory care facility where he contracted COVID and died. So, it was a very difficult and painful time for us.

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