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Thank-you Gianni for this sensitive and honest piece of writing. The photographs are sumptuous; the intense green of newly growing rice is always breath-taking. I particularly like the hand-made map showing the concentration of agriculture in the valleys. The endeavours of the local community to sustain their natural and cultural heritage is uplifting. Hopefully they will receive the support required through sharing their story and experience far and wide.

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Wonderful piece and great photos of old Japan.

"Also, our children are not interested in preserving them, so this is another aspect of traditional culture that is bound to fast disappear.” - is the central tragedy of this, and it is a tragedy. The irony of this is that modern capitalist consumer culture is supported by right wing conservatives, who dont seem to get how THAT destroys traditional culture...the very opposite of conserving... so in what way are they conservatives?

Would be nice to see them do a bit of real conserving and support these old houses and gardens. But they seem to prefer making more money from construction projects that yet further destroy this old culture. Whereas the local co-op is making an effort to keep this sustainable. Co-ops being, of course, a version of socialism and anarchism (often without people saying those words, but still, they are).

One thing, though: i think thats a toad, not a frog. hehe... i am an amphibian fan!

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Fascinating piece, Gianni and the photos are gorgeous.

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